Enjoying The Good Life In Puerto Morelos

We get a lot of questions about the home of Selva Escondida – Puerto Morelos. People want to know what it’s like to live in this little Caribbean town located in the Riviera Maya. Let us share just some of the reasons it truly is the hidden gem of this beautiful area

The beach town life 

Sandy toes, sun-kissed skin… there is nothing like the beach life, and in Puerto Morelos, you have easy access to it! The towns along the Caribbean coastline thrive on tourism, and large hotels and resorts have made beach access difficult. While Puerto Morelos’ beach is no different in terms of beauty, it is unique in that there is easy beach access. Grab a taxi, park your car or bicycle, and you can be on the beach in no time. 

The secret to the lack of high rise hotels and large resorts is our beloved and protected mangroves that separate the beach side of town from the neighborhoods, or colonia. They prevent the town from increasing in size like so many other areas of the Caribbean. 

Did you come to the beach on a whim and didn’t pack a lunch? No worries there either. Puerto Morelos beach is home to several quaint beach clubs that will have you feeling like you stepped into a Jimmy Buffet novel. One popular ex-pat haven is My Paradise Beach Club. There is a thatched roof, swings by the bar, an outdoor shower, and even a conch shell sounding out over the beach to announce happy hour. 

Need a good beach read? Stop by Alma Libre near the town square, which is the largest English language bookstore in the Riviera Maya. Need supplies? There is a brand new grocery store called Chedraui Selecto steps from the beach that has a wide variety of prepared foods, drinks, snacks, and sunscreen. 

Home to the second-largest barrier reef in the world 

We can’t talk about our beaches without mentioning the prized jewel of Puerto Morelos: our barrier reef. The second-largest barrier reef in the world, it runs close to the shore, and in 1998, it was designated as a National Park. It is well protected and preserved, and you can hire a tour guide to go snorkeling or scuba diving in this underwater paradise. 

If you are short on time or want to see something fun right from the shore, there is also the ‘Ojo de Agua’, or Eye of the Water, which is an underwater cenote that you can swim to from the beach, and see colorful tropical fish, turtles, and barracuda. 

The dining scene

The beach is not the only thing that makes this under the radar town special. Since many locals earn their living fishing, there are plenty of spots to cure your seafood craving, and it doesn’t get any fresher than seafood in Puerto Morelos! You can easily have a seafood feast, for a very affordable price. Locals and visitors alike love Pelicanos, Al Chimichurri, El Merkadito, just to name a few.

While Puerto Morelos is known for its seafood, there is also a thriving international restaurant scene. With over 100 restaurants to choose from, it will take you quite a while to try them all. Not only is there the traditional Mexican cuisine you would expect, but you’ll also be happy to discover there is a variety of other tastes to choose from – everything from Italian, Argentinian, American, Vegan, Vegetarian, and more. People from all over the world call Puerto Morelos home, and the diverse dining options reflect that.

Activities and adventures

If you are looking to do more than just lay on the beach and enjoy going out to dinner, the town has plenty of other things to keep you active. There are several gyms and a cultural center that offers a variety of interesting classes. Puerto Morelos is also home to a botanical garden, an interactive zoo, and a brewery that offers tours and beers on tap. 

There are also over a dozen excellent cenotes ready to be explored just outside of town. You’ll never forget seeing your first cenote. They are natural pools that are exposed when the limestone bedrock collapses, revealing the cool, crystal clear underground water of this region of Mexico. 

You can also explore the islands of Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, and Isla Holbox all within a day’s drive or less. Tulum is about an hour south of Puerto Morelos, and there are many famous archeological sites such as Chichen Itza and Coba that are all easily accessible on your own, or by hiring a local guide. Xcaret is 35 minutes away from Puerto Morelos, such as Xel-Ha which is an hour away. You won’t find a town better situated than Puerto Morelos for experiencing all the Riviera Maya has to offer. 

The people and the pace of life

Don’t let that list of things to do fool you. This is not a bustling, busy place like Cancún or Playa del Carmen. Our sleepy little town in the middle of the Riviera Maya has kept its authenticity and welcoming spirit that Mexico is known for. Neighbors wave and say ‘buenos dias’, and children ride their bikes and play on the quiet streets after the sun goes down.

There is a vibrant, friendly community of not only native Puerto Morelians, but people like yourself, who have moved here for a slower pace of life, and they are known to be welcoming and kind, ready to help make your transition to life in Mexico more enjoyable. 

Speaking of transitions, you might find yourself adopting a slower, more enjoyable pace of life; an afternoon siesta in your hammock, or an affordable massage on the beach. Since it takes only a few minutes to get just about anywhere in our small town, it allows more time for enjoying Caribbean living. 

Practical and enjoyable services 

Another wonderful benefit worth mentioning is that, as more foreigners start to call Puerto Morelos home, the local businesses cater to them, offering convenient services such as laundromats or, as they are called here, “lavanderias”, who will wash, dry and fold your clothing for a very inexpensive price. 

There is also a mobile car wash who will come to your home and detail your car, several great nail salons, hairdressers and barbers, and just about every other modern convenience you are used to – all at a fraction of the price you pay back home. Many people who have made the move to Mexico say that a higher quality of life at a lower cost is one of the biggest benefits there is

A perfect home base for exploring Mexico’s wonders

As enjoyable as our beachfront town of Puerto Morelos is, we encourage you to explore more of Mexico! It is a wonderful, ecologically and culturally diverse country. There is so much to see, taste, and experience. If you are looking for adventure, there are stunning mountain ranges, volcanos, and waterfalls a plane ride away – and domestic flights within Mexico are known to be very inexpensive. 

Has this made you excited to start living the good life in Puerto Morelos? Now is the best time to invest in Mexico real estate. The first step is to send an email or call us today! We can’t wait to help you make your Caribbean dreams come true. 


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