Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Mexico Real Estate

In these unprecedented times, there exists a unique and exciting opportunity – the purchase of an investment property at Selva Escondida®, located in the beachfront town of Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Without a doubt, anyone will tell you that the intelligent thing to do is not to work harder but work smarter. The best way to work smarter is to have your money work for you.

We at Selva Escondida® are positive that you will be working smarter by investing in one of our brand new, beautifully designed homes. The reason that this investment is a smart choice right now is simple – foreign currency is at an all-time high, and your buying power in Mexico is about 25% stronger than it ever has been.

The elements are in harmony with nature, creating a beautiful Caribbean-style appearance.

As we have learned in the last few months, things can change very quickly, and no one can say for sure how the exchange rate will change. That’s why now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. While we don’t know how long the strength of foreign money will last, what we do know is that the Mexican tourism economy is only growing. The Yucatan Times reports an annual growth of 3-5% and the number of daily visitors to the Riviera Maya just continues to increase.

This is great news for you because not only will you see a fantastic return on your investment, but you will also have the option to turn your property into a source of income as a vacation rental property.

People are spending more and more money on experiences over possessions, especially Millennials. According to Forbes, there are 80 million millennials in the United States who average 2.6 trips per person each year. And among them, families travel much more than couples or singles. “Millennials with children are also traveling more internationally than any other demographic group,” states Forbes. This makes the family-friendly environment at Selva Escondida perfect for an income property.

They are known to be adventurous, have income to spend, and they love to travel to learn something new. What better place to do that than the Riviera Maya, which is home to incredible beaches, natural wonders, and adventure parks?

What would you tell yourself five years ago that you know now? Would you have invested in Amazon? What if an investment opportunity was before you right now that in 10 years or less could potentially be worth more than when you started? The wise choice would be to act on it now!

On the date this article was written the USD/MXN exchange rate sits at one dollar for 24.61 pesos. Five years ago, on this same day, the USD/MXN exchange rate sat at one dollar for 15.35. If you had 100 dollars in 2015 and exchanged your money to MXN pesos you would have received 1,535 pesos. On April 23, 2020, if you exchanged 100 dollars you would receive 2,461 pesos. That is a 60.33% increase on your money in five years. Which means your money would have grown 12% year over year. What bank can offer that?

The Mexican peso has been depreciating since mid-February to cross $25.7 per USD for the first time in April.

Now that you know this is a sound investment, let us tell you more about why you should have your money start working for you today by choosing Selva Escondida®.

First of all, we have not increased the price of our homes in response to the currency rate, so you really are getting more value for your money. We are also in the presale stage, so prices will never be lower than they are right now.

Our properties have the high-quality living conditions you deserve with a prime location less than three kilometers to the beach. The comfortable two-bedroom, one-bathroom units are tastefully designed, and the amenities include 24-hour security, swimming and wading pools, barbeque grills, a children’s playground, a pet-friendly area, a multipurpose court, and an exercise area.

It is a hidden oasis in the jungle. The grounds feature tropical foliage, and palapas offering shade. There is ample space for walking, connecting with nature, and listening to the native tropical birds.

Located just 15 minutes south of Cancun International Airport, Puerto Morelos is a hidden gem that has kept its quiet, small-town feel despite the popularity of the Riviera Maya. While it is home to many restaurants, quaint beach clubs, a zoo, and a botanical garden, the main attraction is the Caribbean Sea. Brilliant turquoise waters deepen into dark blue as you approach the barrier reef, a treat for snorkelers and divers alike.

Beaches in Puerto Morelos are known for their white sand and infinite turquoise sea. The calm waters are ideal to practice sailing and navigation all year round.

Inland, there is a series of excellent cenotes ready to be explored. If you are unfamiliar with cenotes, they are worth checking out! They are natural pools that are exposed when the limestone bedrock collapses, revealing the amazing underground water system of this region of Mexico. You can find over a dozen cenotes within a short drive from Puerto Morelos.

Many people enjoy spending part or all of their time in the Riviera Maya because, in many ways, there is not a steep learning curve from life in the United States or Canada. We have excellent grocery stores and dining options right here in Puerto Morelos, and it’s a short trip to quality shopping in Playa del Carmen and Cancun as well. Overseas living without the hassle.

Added to all that, your foreign currency will go further than back home, allowing you to have a higher quality of life for a fraction of the price.

Many service providers such as dentists, doctors, and property managers speak English, so the choice to learn Spanish or not is really up to you. There are a lot of comforts of home mixed with amazing Mexican culture – truly the best of both worlds!

Imagine living tucked away in a small, friendly town that is a short trip to many world-famous travel destinations such as Tulum, Merida, Valladolid, Isla Mujeres, and Isla Holbox – just to name a few! Puerto Morelos is truly the perfect home base for discovering the ecology, history, and vibrant culture of Mexico!

Puerto Morelos is 20 minutes south of Cancun, 15 minutes north of Playa del Carmen and one hour north of Tulum.

With your money going further on Mexico real estate, travel trends predicted to increase, and Puerto Morelos being the special little town that it is, this is the right choice to make. There is no better time than now! Don’t hesitate! Contact us today to get started on owning your piece of paradise.



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