Why Invest in Puerto Morelos Real Estate

Owning a property in Puerto Morelos certainly is alluring. It conjures up images of sun-drenched beaches, lazy afternoons in a hammock, and nights of open-air dining. Before you start to pass it off as just a Caribbean dream, here are some solid reasons to consider investing in real estate in Puerto Morelos. 

The Perfect Location

Location is a very important factor. Puerto Morelos is 20 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport, making travel a breeze for you or those renting your vacation home. A four-hour flight from New York City, less than three hours from Dallas, and less than two hours from Miami, it truly is in the middle of it all.

A great return on investment

Airbnb estimates a property in Puerto Morelos could earn a monthly income of 1.5K USD. Even those who do not intend to rent out their investment property can see a 25% annual capital gain according to Immobilabre. That is better than any stock market investment that can be made.

This is a trend that will continue thanks to Mexico’s quick response to the global pandemic, which positioned itself as a leader in tourism recovery. A staggering 10 million passengers arrived at the Cancun Airport between March 2020 and February 2021. And the area only continues to see a rise in long-term travelers due to the new remote workforce.

Low costs contribute to a high quality of life

The price of properties in Puerto Morelos is still very affordable. There is nowhere else in the world you can still purchase real estate within a few miles from the beach for less than 100K USD. Also, the closing costs and annual expenses are very reasonable. While most gated communities in the United States and Canada are now charging astronomical homeowner’s association fees, most communities in Puerto Morelos start around 45 USD. Property taxes are also a fraction of what most buyers are used to. 

Money saved on living expenses can go towards enjoying all the good things Puerto Morelos and the surrounding area has to offer! Enjoy a ‘staycation by booking a few nights at an all-inclusive resort, dine out at beautiful, oceanfront restaurants, or treat yourself to weekly massage therapy sessions. The low cost of real estate in Puerto Morelos affords homebuyers true luxury.

Modern Infrastructure and convenience

 Although some may not have heard about this small, charming town, it is a working municipality with grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations,  pharmacies, doctors, and dentists. 

There are also several exciting projects that will further contribute to the economic value of the region and increase the real estate demand of Puerto Morelos:

A new 160 store mall located north of Puerto Morelos. With an ice skating rink, 7,500 seat auditorium,  amusement park, aquarium, go-kart track, hot air balloons, and three hotels, this 150M USD project is eagerly anticipated

Thanks to a 7.5 million USD Federal Investment, this modern passenger train will connect many popular tourist destinations across the  Yucatan Peninsula, with stops in Puerto Morelos and Cancun.

A safe, secure investment, a high return on interest, in a beautiful setting with near-perfect weather year-round. These are just some of the compelling reasons why a real estate investment in Puerto Morelos is a smart decision. Why not speak with one of our sales advisors today to learn more? You can also read about the easy process of homeownership here! 

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