A Multi Cultural Lifestyle In Selva Escondida

Mexico has long attracted those looking to trade in the so-called traditional way of life for a freer, barefoot lifestyle, and Puerto Morelos is no exception. You’ll find a diverse and close-knit community of people from all over the world who came here on vacation, fell in love and decided to make it their new […]

Purchasing Property in Mexico: 10 Facts to do it with confidence

Buying Property in Puerto Morelos

The process of purchasing property in a foreign country can be a little different than what you are used to. However, we are here to assist you every step of the way! Here are 10 facts that will help you to feel educated and confident about the process. Many of our American and Canadian buyers […]

Three Reasons to Consider an Investment Property in Selva Escondida

We understand that when it comes to investing your money, you have a lot of choices. Here are three great reasons to consider an investment property in Selva Escondida Residential. A High Return on Investment  Real Estate in Puerto Morelos is quickly becoming one of the Riviera Maya’s area’s hottest markets. One year ago, a […]

10 Amazing Reasons to Make Mexico your New Home

When it comes to spending your retirement or vacation home dollars, we know you have a lot of choices. We have been speaking with some of our foreign clients and neighbors, and here we’re sharing some of the reasons they have decided to call the Riviera Maya their home. Beautiful beaches with easy access. Naturally, […]

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Selva Escondida Residential

frequently asked questions

We’re sure that as you start to consider a retirement or investment property here in Mexico, you will have some questions. Here are some of the ones we hear most frequently. We hope this will provide you with a good basic understanding for you to begin your decision-making process. For additional information, reach out to […]

A Guide to Thriving in Your New Life in Puerto Morelos

So, you are curious about what life in Mexico is really like. Is it as enjoyable as it sounds? How you will adapt and adjust to the changes if you decide to make the move?  Wait, it’s not all happy hours and hammocks? Well, yes, a lot of the time it is, but there’s still […]

Everything You Need To Know For A Successful Vacation Rental in Mexico

– Looking for the best of both worlds? Having a vacation home in one of Mexico’s most popular destinations and earning extra income could be just what you are looking for! For many years, foreigners have been doing just that – renting out their properties in the Riviera Maya and earning a noteworthy profit in […]